We share with the future sartorial workmanship that intertwines art and craftsmanship, for performance and deliberately timeless design.
The ambition is to be a global benchmark in outerwear tailoring. So that luxury manufacture and details, precious and sartorial, can reinvent the outwear in harmony with the outside world.



This is the soul of all innovative craftsmanship. But also, the sartorial genius and authentic energy that can be recognised in the finishes of Montecore clothes.


The instinctive desire for quality, in materials and details, allows for precise fit and a naturally timeless design.


Straightforward, precise, attentive to substance and, therefore, concrete. Solidity is the authentic identity of Montecore leaders.


Dialoguing with free spirits, who are unpredictable but sure of their own identity. The same one they want to share with a fascinating, refined and versatile choice of style. Like their everyday life. We create collections conceived to be lived and passed on. The durability of materials and design is meant to be an eternal avant-garde, capable of impressing in the present as in the future. We recognise the marvellous tensions, beauty and harmony of nature and we are inspired by this to return a cutting-edge design, but with a timeless soul, to those who seek themselves in the present, as well as in the journey, in tomorrow and in the future. Movement is Montecore’s attitude, and durability its established value.